Profile Buildng: Creating Your Personal Brand For College Applications

My parents like to tell a story from when I was a child. Whenever we went out to the store or a relative’s house, they’d strap me into a car seat in the back. And as we drove down the...

/ October 12, 2017

5 Metrics Your IEC Needs To Track Now

How do you measure your company’s performance? Here’s how not to do it: by following your gut feeling. A successful business requires a thorough analysis on the work, sales, and financial results. And it can’t be done without tracking relevant...

/ October 9, 2017

Cialfo vs Email

Thanks to the ubiquitous AOL floppy disks and CDs that littered our real mailboxes, email was the backbone of the early internet. It was a simpler time from when 60 or 70% of email was from another human being. Email...

/ October 5, 2017

Cialfo vs Spreadsheets

More often than not, spreadsheets end up as messy and outdated clumps of data. When one person owns a spreadsheet with knowledge that others need, a silo of information is created. Find out how Cialfo stacks up next to spreadsheets.

/ October 5, 2017

Tips For Choosing An Office For Your Consultancy

Founders and freelancers, when they’re first starting out, will work anywhere and everywhere — coffee shops, home offices, libraries, or park benches. When you’re ready to scale, however, you’ll need more than your willpower and laptop. The biggest reason for...

/ October 3, 2017

5 Meeting Tools To Save Time On Scheduling

We complain about spending hours in unproductive and mismanaged meetings, but the greatest crime is all the wasted time we spend scheduling the meeting. The endless back and forth communication — reviewing calendars, setting up a call-in number, adding the...

/ September 26, 2017

Cialfo goes to Delhi!

IC3 – the International Career & College Counseling conference – is hosted by KIC Univassist and takes place in India annually. India’s first ever career and college counseling awards – IC3 Awards – was also hosted during this conference! Two...

/ September 14, 2017
Cialfo essay prompts

Introducing College Essay Prompts!

Today, we’re super excited to announce a long-awaited and requested feature: Essay Prompts! We know how annoying it is to keep looking up new prompt releases. Hundreds of tabs open, navigating through so many college websites they begin to blur into...

/ August 28, 2017

Best Practices for Growing IECS

Every counsellor has their own version of “best practices”, based off personal experience and location. Kristin Sullivan has had over a decade of experience in college counselling, and was kind enough to share her tips and tricks with us! I...

/ August 21, 2017

An Interview With Alma Mater

Higher education in Brazil isn’t a topic that frequently comes up over the Cialfo watercooler, so when we received the opportunity to chat with Fernanda, Linnea and Gabriela of the Alma Mater Education Consultancy, we were thrilled! A little bit...

/ August 18, 2017