Benefits of taking a college tour.

Posted by Cialfo on Mar 17, 2017 6:02:22 PM
Choices, choices, choices. The college decision process can be overwhelming. But what if it didn’t have to be?
So you have a couple of schools in mind, but you can’t seem to distinguish one potential college experience from another. Enter the college tour.
College tours are a highly valuable outlet for you, the student, to receive first-hand experience on campus. You’ll get to sit in on lectures in your prospective major field, hang out with current students in dorms, walk the halls, and experience all that the campus and its surroundings have to offer, among many other things.
Alongside simply being on campus, visits allow you to ask more relevant questions that concern yourself as an individual. College staff will be more than happy to answer your burning questions. Being able to engage with current students, lecturers, professors, and staff is a valuable and freely available asset.
Take a college tour, and get some certainty before making that next big step in your pursuit of life-long learning. Save/print the following infographic on how to make the most of your college tours.

IF YOU CAN, TAKE A COLLEGE TOUR!-min.png Take a college tour Take a college tour

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