Today, we’re super excited to announce a long-awaited and requested feature: Essay Prompts!

We know how annoying it is to keep looking up new prompt releases. Hundreds of tabs open, navigating through so many college websites they begin to blur into one… no more! From now on, you’ll be able to search U.S college essay prompts from within Cialfo itself.

To access the prompts, go to a student page, navigate to “schools”, and click on the blue “Prompt” button.

We list 2017/2018 essay prompts for approximately 200 schools in the United States. It’s updated regularly, so if you can’t find a prompt for a school, please let us know at

Prompts is currently in beta. It will remain in beta for the 2017/2018 application cycle. If you have a Cialfo account (trial or paid), you’ll be able to use Prompts. And if you don’t have a Cialfo account but would like to try out the feature, sign up for a trial account here.

William Hund

Posted by William Hund

Will is an experienced product manager, UX designer & entrepreneur having spent the past 8 years in China. William co-founded Tradesparq, a supply-chain intelligence and trade marketplace, and was recently a innovation & technology leader for a large Chinese education company. Now in Singapore, William has joined Cialfo to lead its product team.

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