8 parameters to help you choose a US school that's best for YOU.

Posted by Justin Jobity on Nov 28, 2016 12:51:16 PM

As the college application season begins to heat up, it is always important to keep a couple things in mind when narrowing down your dream US school list: 

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Learn from the wiz kids who cracked all eight Ivy Leagues.

Posted by Justin Jobity on Nov 24, 2016 3:25:00 PM

These wiz kids got in to all eight Ivy League schools and more. But how did they do it? What did they have? Listen to interivews of Harold Ekeh (2015) and Kelly Hyles (2016) who through sheer perseverance and hard work, make the seemingly impossible, possible.

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3 Things You Should Love About Your Next Company

Posted by Angela Noronha on Oct 5, 2016 8:20:24 PM

People who love their work aren’t lucky—they’ve made good choices. If you don’t find yourself in this camp, what are you waiting for? You can either spend half of your waking hours in misery or find ways to make that time not only bearable but enjoyable, creative, even inspiring. Whether you need to change your mindset, your actions, or your employer, one thing’s for sure: there are steps you can take immediately to improve your daily experience or longterm career prospects.

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Which tech visionary would you be in college?

Posted by Angela Noronha on Sep 20, 2016 5:38:05 PM

You’ve all heard about the genius of figures like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg. But have you ever stopped to wonder how exactly they came to be the amazing successes they are today? What were they like before they became famous? What choices did they make?

Well, I did some digging and found out just what these guys were like when they were your age – in, or preparing for, college.

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Applying to US universities? READ THIS!

Posted by Timothy Laas-Nesbitt on Aug 31, 2016 2:42:03 PM

We've put together all the news you NEED TO KNOW, if you're applying to US universities this year.

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UK rolling applications: the early bird catches the worm?

Posted by Emma Brownlow on Aug 17, 2016 11:06:33 AM

If you’re applying to UK universities, you may have been told that your chances are higher if you submit as soon as you can. In fact, there has been debate about this for years, and many conflicting pieces of advice about the optimum time to submit your UCAS application. So, is it true that the early bird always catches the worm?

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Of Brexit and Bachelors

Posted by Timothy Laas-Nesbitt on Jun 27, 2016 1:14:02 PM

Wow. As a multicultural company with several Europeans among our ranks, we at Cialfo are as shocked as anyone by Britain’s decision to leave the EU. This momentous outcome has already led to the resignation of the prime minister and to widespread instability in financial markets. But what are the broader implications? More specifically, will this impact Asian students looking to study in the UK? Cialfo investigates.

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Meet Rayden Yongxiang & Neil Dantas

Posted by Mugdha Hedaoo on Jun 14, 2016 1:51:45 PM

You've read about them, now is your chance to meet them in person. 

Cialfo is proud to bring to you an up-close and personal Q&A session with our 2016 star admits.

Rayden Yongxiang: If you're applying to the top US universities, chances are, you've already heard about him. Rayden is a Nanyang Poly student and has managed to crack some of the most competitive universities in the US - Harvard, MIT, NYU and CMU. He's been covered by Strait Times, Kiss92 FM and multiple other media houses.

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A tete-a-tete with an ex-Harvard admissions reader and the mentor responsible for a Poly student's acceptance into Harvard and MIT.

Posted by Jacob Isaac on May 20, 2016 3:27:28 PM
It is not everyday that a student gets accepted into multiple top universities. The now famous Brittany Stinson, who managed to get into 5 Ivy Leagues, is testimony to that.

So when one of our students from Singapore's Nanyang Polytechnic got into four top US universities, Singapore's largest publication, Strait Times, ran an article on Mr Rayden Chia Yong Xiang, who was recently accepted into Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University and New York University.

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