17 Cialfo Launches That Made 2017 Legendary

What a year its been! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas with some Early Action wins, and not too much work for your RD round… though we’ve all got that one student who forgets it’s the holidays.

Its been a very busy year for all of us. The platform has received several new features, undergone a makeover, and hundreds of bugs have been successfully hunted down and squashed.

If you haven’t explored Cialfo in a while, check out this list of everything we’ve done this year.

17 Launches That Made 2017 Legendary

  1. Communications Suite Update (Jan) – Better broadcasting, mobile inbox, and always-present chat on student profiles.
  2. Cialfo in 中文 and on WeChat (Feb) – A native experience for the thousands of Chinese students looking at uni overseas.
  3. Status Tracker (Mar) – The nerve center and easiest way to get an overview of student progress through their milestones.
  4. Live Support and Help Center (Apr) – Years of collective experience, penned and placed online for our users to view.
  5. Custom Task Lists and Smart Deadlines (May) – Flexibility of Project Management tools plus insights for college access.
  6. New Degree Types: Boarding, Med School, MBA (Jun) – Expanding our impact to other kinds of degree seekers.
  7. School Search by Major (Jul) – Focus on schools that offer programs your students are interested in.
  8. Questionnaires (Aug) – Avoid heaps of documents and send students questionnaires from their Cialfo profiles.
  9. Essay Prompts (Sep) – Save time researching and find essay requirements for over 300 schools all within the platform.
  10. Global School Search (Sep) – View global university listings and add custom schools all from the same page.
  11. Custom Dashboard (Oct) – Different you, different view. Gives students and mentors control over their dashboard.
  12. Attachment and Emoji heart_eyes Support (Oct) – Add files and emotions to practically everything!
  13. Master Search (Nov) – Access the profile pages of students and staff members from any part of the platform.
  14. Chrome Extension (Nov) – View Cialfo’s database of essay prompts right in your browser, without ever switching tabs!
  15. Notes 2.0 (Nov) – Notes you can share, email, autosave, attach files to, search, archive, filter, and edit in rich text.
  16. Bulk Actions (Dec) – Filter students with any criteria and assign mentors and plans (and more soon!) in bulk.
  17. External Research (Dec) – Visit each college’s page on the most popular research sites, all from Cialfo school profiles.

Coming Soon

  1. 450+ More Colleges – The database is getting a boost. Expect college profiles, deadlines, and application requirements for over 450 more schools in the US.
  2. Task List 2.0 – We are incredibly excited about this. Bringing Status Tracker and the Task List together will let counselors track progress better, and collect richer data, with less effort. When Trello meets Asana meets college access nerds, you’ll get the new task list by Cialfo!

Phew! This was quite an update, but it was also quite a year. Thank you for trusting and growing with us. purple_heart  It’s been a true pleasure serving you in 2017, and we can’t wait to show you what 2018 has in store.

Until then: happy holidays, and happy college planning!


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