3 Ways Cialfo Helps Your Students

We designed Cialfo to help consultants, but college applications is a two-way street. We aim to help students as much as we do consultants and counsellors. You can use Cialfo to…

Involve the parents

Guardians and parents need to be kept in the loop about their child’s admissions as well. While it is possible to copy them on every progress update or deadline reminder email, this quickly becomes a hassle – especially if you’re working with dozens of parents at once!

Use automated progress updated instead. Enter parent contact details, and Cialfo will automatically send parents text message and email updates! No effort on your part, and no risk of human error. If you’d like to share a report with a parent, Cialfo also allows you to generate and export smart reports of student progress.

Answer college questions

While students can and do look up school acceptance information, the data easily found on Google or other websites aren’t necessarily reliable.

Instead of relying on static websites with outdated sources, Cialfo offers a predictive algorithm based off student information. Over the past 3 years, our algorithm has become very smart (1 million data points will do that to an algorithm!). We compare information provided by the student to our dataset and measure the probability of admission: Dream, Match, or Safe.

Whenever your student wants to know their chances of getting into a school, they can simply check Cialfo instead of sending an email, saving lots of time for everybody. Your students will be able to look up college information for schools across 18 countries, discovering everything from financial aid information, percentage of students accepted, average GPA, and much more — all without leaving the app.

And like you, they have access to their student dashboard with all of our integrations (Wechat, Android, Apple).

Keep students on track

Disorganisation isn’t a problem limited to students, but college applications are stressful enough without the anxiety caused by chaos! With so many essays, grades, and transcripts that need to be submitted at different deadlines, students need to stay on top of this early to prevent it from snowballing.

Consultants using Cialfo can help their students by issuing to-dos (decide on application cycle, write essays) and setting deadlines. Students don’t necessarily understand how to prioritise tasks. Cialfo allows consultants to break down an intimidating college application form into smaller, actionable tasks. If they have a question, they can leave a message for you using our in-app messenger.

How do you want Cialfo to help students? Leave a comment and let us know.

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