6 Blogs Everyone In Edtech Should Read

Trying to evade the post-lunch hangover while giving your brain a boost? A mix of conventional and unconventional voices, here’s 6 of our favorite edtech blogs (other than Cialfo, of course) that’ll convince your supervisor that you’re hard at work.

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1. The Ed Tech Roundup

This is the mother-of-all edtech websites. Looking for the newest updates in innovation, in-depth reviews, or current affairs in the world of tech and education? This blog is a collective that brings you the best and the latest in the industry.

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2. EdTechTeacher

Written by industry professionals with vast experience in technology and education, EdTechTeacher is a great platform to read about new ideas in the classroom, and learning about the new tools that educators are equipping themselves in the industry.

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3. Huffington Post Blog

The Huffington Post blog brings together articles, commentaries, and opinion pieces that address edtech in beyond simply the scope of tech, but also bringing in social and cultural aspects, and how the new generation of educators are adapting to meet the demands of today’s generation of students.

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4. LinkedIn Blog for Students

It might be written for students, but LinkedIn’s blog is a great resource to keep up with the latest trends in students transitioning into the workforce. LinkedIn also provides a vast array of tools to assist students in integrating the skills they’ll acquire in university, with the demands of today’s industry. Highly recommended for everyone.

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A refreshing take on edtech, written by Joanna Young, former Vice-President and CIO at Michigan State University, this blog addresses leadership, process, and smart ways to combat big problems in edtech. The best part? Whether you’re in a management, education, or tech role, there’s something to take from here!

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6. The College Solution

One of the most unconventional blogs in the education field, The College Solution gives straight-forward and pragmatic answers to some of the most common questions that students and education consultants will ask. Don’t be fooled by the practical aspects of higher education that this blog addresses, the writers here are convincing and honest.

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