Hi, we're the Cialfolks ?

Cialfo began in 2012 as an independent education consultancy, helping students with undergraduate college applications. Our business grew fast. By 2015, our small team of two had become a family of ten. We were working with hundreds of students, all of whom needed – and deserved – our undivided attention.

It was hard.

Spreadsheets didn’t work – they were too messy, too slow, and too vulnerable to obsoletion. Emails, that backbone of digital communication, break down when you’re trying to speak to several people at once. Specialised software were either built for schools and institutions, or worked like it was built in the late 90s. We seemed to spend more time on administrative work than actually speaking to the students.

So naturally, we built our own solution.

The name Cialfo comes from the phrase “Citius, Altius, Fortius” – Faster, Higher, Stronger. Our mission is simple: to help one million students get into their dream universities by 2020. And even after we’ve sold Cialfo Consulting to a private firm, that’s exactly what we come to work everyday for.