Announcing Custom Schools and Search By Major

We work very hard on our database of schools (800 and counting!), but sometimes we miss a few. Previously, if you were looking for a school that didn’t exist in our database, you wouldn’t be able to add it to a student.

Now, we’re excited to announce that is no longer the case. We recently released Custom Schools for Cialfo, so if you need to shortlist a school not in our database, you can add it right away!

Admins can find Custom Schools in the main navigation (see above). Alternatively, we’ll prompt you to add a school when our search engine can’t find a match.

Only the school name, country, type of degree and application deadline is required, but we suggest you add as much information as you can so you don’t need to keep looking up additional information. It also helps your team when they’re shortlisting schools for their own students.

Aside from custom schools, we’ve also rolled out some new, smaller changes:

Search By Major

Our school search function just got a major upgrade! Now, you can search by major instead of just by school name.

For example, searching for “engineering” will return schools with engineering majors and the matching course offered. You can then sort the results by ranking (Macleans, QS, or US News).

New Degree Types

Under the previous system, only K12, undergraduate, or postgraduate degree types were allowed. Some felt this was too limiting, and we agreed. MBAs and medical school admissions are completely different from the typical undergraduate admissions process, and we wanted Cialfo to reflect that.

We’re now adding support for MBA and medical school applications. When adding a student, you can now choose from K12, undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA, or medical school application degree type.

School Profile Upgrades

We’ve expanded our database of UK and US school profiles for a more comprehensive view. You’ll now be able to view standardized test averages, incoming student GPAs, financial details, and school environment data.

What do you think?

We’ve rolled out these new features across all accounts. For more information on setting up Custom Schools or using the “search by major” functions, check out our Knowledge Base.  

Many of these new features were built because of your amazing feedback. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to shoot us a message here.


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new degrees and more majors
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custom fields to fill
colleges once limited
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