Announcing Tasks 2.0: a task list for better time management

At Cialfo, we’re very opinionated about to-do lists. Today, we’re announcing a revamp of Tasks—a whole new way to organise your day and plan out next steps.

So much of counselling revolves around discussions, next steps, and document revisions that out-of-the-box to-do lists can’t achieve without spending hours tweaking and adjusting how you work.

When we were designing Tasks 2.0, we wanted something that would match how counsellors worked. So much of counselling revolves around discussions, next steps, and document revisions that traditional to-do lists just aren’t enough.

So we made three big changes:

  • a brand new look and feel
  • application tracking
  • essay tracking

Tasks now appear as cards within lists, representing categories or applications. Clicking on a task opens up a sidebar where you can view or edit tasks attributes.

A to-do list that works with you, not against you

Tasks aren’t always binary. Some tasks are long-term—like essays with multiple revisions. In Tasks 2.0, instead of just being complete or incomplete, tasks can now evolve in status. Pick from Not Applicable, Not Started, In Progress, Done, and Approved.

When you finalise a school, Cialfo will automatically create a new task list as well as the relevant deadline, essay prompts, and application results once available.

Essays are added as tasks with special properties, like customisable labels for version numbers and prompts within the card. We also want you to be able to use this how you want to, which is why we’ve also added:

  • Staff Only Documents: upload comments and revisions for private viewing to collaborate with your team (or if you’re still drafting feedback!)
  • Task Visibility: simplify a student’s task list by keeping certain tasks hidden until a set date, or create private tasks by setting visibility to “Staff Only”.
  • Flexible Views: show or hide as many cards and lists as you want by checking or unchecking specific lists, or by clicking on default filters.

Of course, the other Cialfo standard features will be there as well: searchable titles, archiving, and mobile compatibility. The new tasks views and capabilities are available on our Android and iOS apps for both students and counsellors.

We’re just getting started

What we’re launching today is only the beginning. This revamp of Tasks will be followed over the next few months with changes to the Student List and task broadcasting abilities. If you’re a current Cialfo user, all your existing tasks will remain with their attachments, comments, and due dates.

You can try it out now by logging into your account or signing up for a free trial here, and let us know what you think.

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