Boost Productivity With Cialfo

One of the most time consuming components of a counselor’s responsibilities can be the most mundane- simply scheduling appointments and keeping parents updated.  Cialfo has great features that can help counselors with this- all within the app!

Status Tracker  


The status tracker helps counselors see at a glance where each student is in the application process. A student with a green tracker? Great! A red tracker? Something is missing or needs to be accomplished.  For a visual-oriented counselor, the status tracker is key.

Schedule meetings faster  

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With Cialfo’s calendar, students can request and confirm meetings from their own profiles.  The calendar syncs with your own Google calendar, ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts.  You can also send your own meeting requests to students, which they can then accept or reject.  All the back-and-forth you experience when setting appointments and meetings is gone, and you can keep everything within the application.

Broadcast important news


One of the most exciting features Cialfo has is the Broadcast function. With a single click, you can SMS individual parents and students, or send a message to your entire cohort of kids.  Send registration and deadline reminders directly to students’ phones, all without leaving the app.  Our counselors love this feature!

Take notes quickly


In many counseling teams, ICs collaborate and share ideas about different students, their challenges, and their needs. In the Cialfo app, the Notes function is a great way to keep all the extraneous information organized.  You can keep track of what was discussed in a meeting, and then use them to give advice to a fellow counselor on a student.

Cialfo’s strength is in combining the multitude of web applications mentors use- documents, calendars, task managers, and more- into a single, effective app experience.  To see everything Cialfo has to offer, visit our website or sign up for your free trial now!

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