Cialfo goes to Delhi!

IC3 – the International Career & College Counseling conference – is hosted by KIC Univassist and takes place in India annually. India’s first ever career and college counseling awards – IC3 Awards – was also hosted during this conference!

Two weeks ago, we travelled to New Delhi, India, to attend the annual IC3 conference. We networked, we ate, and most importantly – we heard and discussed several new ideas by some of India’s top and most progressive schools.

Cialfo on Big Data

Swati and I were honoured to be on the Using Big Data and Technology in the College Applications Journey panel alongside the following amazing people:

  • Namrata Pandey, with twenty years of experience in college counselling. She set up the guidance department at Doon School, is an advisor to KIC UnivAssist, and is one of the pioneers of college counselling in India.
  • Rupa Chakravarty, founder principal of Suncity World School who has trained as the IB coordinator at Montezuma, at Arizona, handling adolescents in Worcester and leadership strategies at IIM A.
  • Dr. Kim Dixit, who has over a decade of experience as an independent counsellor and recently joined DSB International school in Mumbai as the guidance counsellor. (As an aside, Dr. Kim had to join us via Skype due to flooding in Mumbai!)
  • And, of course, our own Swati Seth, who was the first employee of Naviance in India prior to joining us at Cialfo.

15 or so years ago, college counselling in India wasn’t as established a practice as it is today. The role of guidance counsellors fell to the teachers, who acted as college counsellors on their own time. In the last decade, however, the tide has turned. Indian schools are realising the importance of a guidance counsellor and have begun allocating resources towards the hiring and professional development of some truly amazing counsellors.

Alongside the growth of “guidance counsellor” as a dedicated role in schools comes an increase in technology adoption. Technology is now viewed as a norm rather than something to justify to the budgeting committee. Swati observed that this can be seen even in the purchase stage of technology: where two years ago principals were asking why a technology should be used, they are now asking about feature comparisons and technical questions. In a sense, the questions have evolved from macro- to micro-focused.

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We also discussed future careers, a topic close to our hearts. Emerging careers often develop at intersections of two or more traditional subject areas. See, for example, Business Analytics, Energy & Environmental Engineering, Public Affair & Leadership, or Entrepreneurial Journalism. Both university representatives and high school career counselors need to work together to help students identify, understand and pursue these career possibilities.

On Wine & Chicken Tikka

The day before IC3, Arjun of Edbrand gave us an idea. Since college counselling in India is so new — and the use of technology in counselling even newer — why not host a smaller get-together of counsellors who love tech and love new tech even more? So that night, we booked a table at the Marriott, and sent out invitations!

For over two hours, about twenty counsellors and educators chatted over wine and chicken tikka. We talked about everything from how India can learn from the global market to preparing Indian students for future careers.

Thanks for having us, IC3!

If you didn’t get to catch up with us when we were in New Delhi, we’ll be attending IECA in Washington, D.C, on the 15th of November. We’ll also be at EdTechXAsia in Singapore on the 31st of October. If you’re interested in attending Wine & Chicken Tikka: Singapore Edition, RSVP by leaving a comment!

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