Introducing edi, an essay prompts bot for Google Chrome

What is edi?

Your friendly robot sidekick/college planner pro. Install her to quickly discover essay prompts from around the web.

No, seriously, what is edi?

Cialfo wrote the first version of edi (pronounced ee-di) to automate our research while building Prompts.

When we were first working on the Essay Prompts feature, we had a team going through university websites to find and upload publicly available prompts. This was:

  1. terribly inefficient
  2. supremely annoying

So we built edi. She’s made our lives a lot easier, and we hope it’ll help you, too.

What can edi do aside from essay prompts?

Right now, edi can do one thing (and do it very well): find essay prompts and supplements. As we continue building Cialfo, we’ll add on more features to edi. Let us know if you have suggestions for her next upgrade!

How much does edi cost?

Absolutely nothing.

How do I install edi?

Click here to go to edi’s page on the Chrome Web Store, and click the “Add To Chrome” button. That’s it!

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