How Questionnaires Help Manage Students

Do you have a process for onboarding a new student? If not, do you frequently find yourself repeating the same questions to each student?

If you’re asking your students each question verbally, you’re wasting valuable face time – time that could’ve been spent working on their applications or getting to know the student. Many counsellors find a lot of questions can be put into an online form. These range from the standard questions like “which colleges are you planning to attend?” to the more unique but equally valuable “would you prefer a school with warm weather or cold?”

There’s a ton of ways to create a survey for your students, from web-based applications to the good old pen and paper. The downside? Most of the options are manual. If you’re using Google Forms, you’d have to manually transfer the answers into your student management system – same goes for Typeform or a physical sheet of paper.

Introducing the questionnaire

Our latest Cialfo update will help you out with that! We’ve now introduced Questionnaires, a tool designed to streamline surveys, interviews, and other counselling Q&A processes. Ask your students anything! Their career aspirations, their college preferences, how much they’ve digested content you discussed in past sessions.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 7.18.17 PM.png

When you create a questionnaire, students will see it in a new tab under their Profile section.
Administrators can set up questionnaires through

It’s easy for counsellors…

Simply set it up, build the questions, and modify as needed – no need to tinker with admin panels or advanced settings. Enter meetings prepared and well-armed with student information: you already know their career goals and dream colleges.

…and easy for students.

Before your first session with a student, ask them to fill out your questionnaire on Cialfo. This gives them the time to seriously consider their answers — maybe they want to attend Minnesota State, but they hate the cold and would prefer a smaller school anyway — and raises questions about their future they haven’t asked themselves.

For more information and help setting up the questionnaire, check out our Help Article here.

Want to learn more about the questionnaire? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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