How to Migrate From Naviance to Cialfo

Welcome to Cialfo! It’s easy to transfer your data from Naviance (or similar platforms) into Cialfo.

Before we jump in, a quick heads up: even with a platform as intuitive as Cialfo, migrating software solutions can be a tough process, especially if you’re used to Naviance. In addition to providing a detailed migration description below, we want to provide a few thoughts about the value our customers get from Cialfo.

First, every one of our customers, regardless of the number of students or plan they’re on, receive ongoing support and onboarding from our highly experienced team. Our support offerings are part of our commitment to making all users of Cialfo successful by being there for them anytime.

Next, our team is always moving. We release product updates and new features regularly, and we’re always open to feedback. Some of our most popular features first began as a request from our customers. We want to make sure our platform is always the best it can be, whether that’s improving on current features or creating a free Chrome extension for essay prompts.

Finally, there’s a reason why we have some of the largest and brightest counseling teams and schools working with us. We combine our passion for software and our extensive experience in college counseling to help our customers excel. Each day they work with us, our customers feel our culture, and our commitment to their success.

How does the Naviance to Cialfo migration process work?

If you’re a new Cialfo customer migrating from Naviance, your sales rep can kick off this process for you. If you’ve just signed up and would like, your customer success manager can help you submit this request.

1. Decide on the data you want to migrate

When submitting your request for data migration, our Customer Success team will work with you to figure out what kind of information you need imported into Cialfo. Here’s an example of some data types we can import from Naviance:

  • College application results of all past students (where they were accepted/rejected from, test scores and grades at time of application)
  • Score profiles (average, minimum, and maximum GPA/SAT/ACT for students accepted to each school) based on past application results
  • Student groups
  • Student outcomes statistics
  • Student data for all past and current students (contact and parent information, academic information, testing information)
  • Class Profiles
  • Files/Documents

2. Prepare the data

We can import data from almost any Naviance report, but to get started, we recommend exporting the following reports in CSV:

  • Student Data—for all current students
  • Applications by Student/College—for all years, including prospective colleges
  • Score Profiles
  • College Matriculation

Once you’ve exported and sent the CSV files to your Customer Success Manager, we can begin migrating your data.

3. Cialfo executes the migration

The typical completion time for an in-depth data import is 1-3 business days, depending on the complexity of data types. For example, if you’d like us to assign documents to its respective students, it’ll add some time to the migration process.

As our Support Engineers complete the migration, your Customer Success Manager will perform a QA review on the data import.

4. Cialfo notifies you when the migration is complete

Your Customer Success Manager will let you know when your data has been successfully imported to Cialfo and ask for you to review it. Because of your own familiarity with your student information, you may find errors or omissions. Simply let your Customer Success Manager know and we’ll fix it ASAP!

A Few FAQs

Q: Why can’t I import my own data?
We’ve discovered that every organization has their own unique working process, and it’s difficult to account for every use case. We’ve found that having an actual human being (in this case, your Customer Success Manager) supervising the migration helps make sure nothing goes wrong!

Q: Can I import data from something other than Naviance reports?
A: Sure! The only requirement is that your data is formatted in a CSV file.  

Interested in migrating to Cialfo? Schedule a demo here.

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