How to Migrate From Naviance to Cialfo

Change can be tough. As our friend Dale Ford likes to put it, “I knew where all the buttons were before… why do I have to learn them again!?” But sometimes change is for the better, and that’s why we moved heaven and earth to make switching to Cialfo – from Naviance, Excel, or anything else – as easy as possible.

What data can I migrate?

Most of it! What Naviance readily exports, in addition to what we help you save. As all good things take time, our Customer Success team will work with you to figure out what kind of information you need imported into Cialfo. We want to migrate what you need and actually use, as soon as possible, instead of downloading 15 years of data you will never review again.

Data you can export from Naviance:

Student data (including groups, flags) for all past and current students

– Scattergrams and college application results of all past students (where they were accepted/denied from, test scores and grades at time of application)

– Class and Score profiles (average, minimum, and maximum GPA/SAT/ACT for students accepted to each school) based on past application results

– Matriculation reports (where your past students are attending university)

– Test Scores: New and old SATs, TOEFL, PSAT, IB exams, SAT subject tests, and AP scores

Data that Naviance doesn’t let you export easily but Cialfo can migrate for you:

Journal Entries

– College Notes

– Assessments

– Document Library

– Coming Soon: Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation

Nobody else exports these last four, but we do. We know it’s important to you!

How much work do I need to do?

Barely any! Just tell us what you want and when you need it by, grant us the necessary permissions, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

If you really want to do the exports yourself, we recommend downloading the following reports in CSV format:

  • Student Data—for all current students
  • Applications by Student/College—for all years, including prospective colleges
  • Score Profiles
  • College Matriculation

What is the process like?

Once your Customer Success Manager has the necessary exports and permissions, we can begin migrating your data.

The typical completion time for an in-depth data import is 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity and amount of data you have chosen to migrate. Example: if you elect to migrate all the non-CSV data types like College Notes, Assessments, Documents, and Transcripts, it’ll add some time to the process.

As our Support Engineers complete the migration, your Customer Success Manager will perform a QA review on the data import and correspond with you if any clarifications are needed.

How do I start?

It’s simple — contact your dedicated account manager, discuss the logistics, and give us the necessary permissions. Your account manager will then work with our support engineers to migrate your information from Naviance and other systems into Cialfo.

There’s a reason why we have some of the largest and brightest counseling teams and schools working with us. In addition to the most complete and hands-free Naviance data migration in town, here’s a glimpse of the support and kind of relationship we develop with every single one of our customers, no matter where in the world they are or how many students they bring into Cialfo.

  • Customized onboarding: As former counselors, we know everyone operates a bit differently. We dedicate a whole session to understanding our clients’ team structure, caseloads, working style, and counseling priorities to get a sense of how they will use the platform. We then customize key elements of the platform (student groups, curriculum builder, counselor dashboard / student list, academic system) to suit their needs.
  • Ongoing training: We meet the counseling team as many times as you need us to, and conduct student training live or via teleconference when required. Of course, many of our counselors like to be independent and tend to stop after 2 or 3 sessions… but they like knowing we are still there for them!
  • Collaborative product development: Our team is always moving, and we make customer feedback a constant part of that flow. We release product updates and new features regularly, and some of our most popular features first began as a client request.
  • Vision beyond product: We want to make our platform the best it can be, to transform the education journeys of more and more students. From improving school research so kids understand their options better, to creating a Chrome extension for essay prompts that’s free to the public, to working with banks on creating more affordable educational loans… we are in this for the long-haul.

In short: We combine our passion for software and experience in college counseling to help our customers excel, and to improve lives. Each day they work with us, our customers feel our culture – and our commitment to their success!


Q: Can I upload my own data?

A: We’re working on that. But since every organization has their own unique working process and data structures, it’ll take us some time to account for every use case. Until then, we’ve found that having an actual human being (your Customer Success Manager) supervising the migration helps make sure nothing goes wrong.

Q: How do you export Naviance Journal Entries/College Notes??

A: Magic.

Q: Can I import data from something other than Naviance reports?

A: Sure! The only requirement is that your data is formatted in a spreadsheet.

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