Introducing College Visits

If you’re like many of our partner schools, scheduling, announcing, and managing college rep visits is a challenge. As the number of rep visits or college fairs in a year increases, so does the amount of work it takes to make sure everyone has a good experience. 

Starting today, all Cialfo users now have access to College Visits, a new way of scheduling and managing rep visits from within Cialfo.

How College Visits works

There are two types of visits you can schedule: College Visits, and College Fair. College Visits are singular: they refer to one college visiting your school. College Fairs, on the other hand, are built to handle several colleges with multiple representatives visiting.

College reps, when created within College Visits, are linked to the institution they represent. You can see this by heading to the Schools page after you’ve added a rep’s contact details.

Over time, you’ll accumulate a database of reps that have relationships with your school.

Managing attendees

The biggest challenge of organizing a visit? Making sure people attend.

When you create a College Visit, you’ll also have the option of broadcasting it to your students — whether that’s all students, or only those with the college(s) in their lists. Along with an automated reminder to attendees 24 hours before the event, this helps ensure students attend the visit.

You can also view the attendees of a college visit, email them, or mark their attendance at the visit.

Like everything else in Cialfo, College Visits are customizable and adaptable to how you work. This post only scratches the surface of what’s possible in College Visits — check it out and let us know what you think.

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