Cialfo vs Naviance for International Schools

The recent news that Naviance will stop supporting international schools has caught all of us off-guard. If you’re an international school who now needs to find an alternative to Naviance, check out Cialfo–a student management platform used by international schools and independent educational consultants alike.
Before we built Cialfo, we were former independent education consultants using spreadsheets to run our business. Not an ideal situation, but the college guidance platforms available in 2012 were either poorly designed or missing several features we absolutely needed. But after three years, the negative side effects became too painful to ignore. Fractured workflows, disjointed team communication–these were problems we couldn’t solve with spreadsheets. When we discovered college guidance platforms still hadn’t progressed since 2012, we threw our hands up and decided to build Cialfo.

What’s the biggest difference between Naviance and Cialfo?

First of all, our stellar support team. We know the frustration when you finally talk to a human, going through all your information only to be asked to transfer, wait, and repeat everything all over again. We know the frustration of being held up at your job, needing to solve a problem soon, and needing to get a product you paid for work for you.

We believe in the success of all our customers, whether you’re a small organization or a large school network. Every customer, regardless of size or plan type, receives ongoing support from our experienced support team. Our support offerings—whether that’s chat support or in-person trainings—are all part of our commitment to making all users of Cialfo successful by being there for them anytime.


Second, our product is constantly changing. We release product updates and new features almost every month. This means you’ll never be stuck with a stagnant product, or have to wonder if the development team has given up. We’re proud of what we do, and we always want to make it better.

Finally, we’re an international team. Our HQ is in Singapore, and we have offices in Shanghai, New York, and Delhi. We understand the complexity of international students—your students don’t all come from the same place, and they’re looking at universities in multiple countries. Our school database supports applications to 20 countries, and with Custom Schools, you can add your own schools.

Does Cialfo have scattergrams?

Yep! Toggle between SATs and ACTs, or students from your school vs the entire Cialfo network.

Can I transfer data from Naviance into Cialfo?

Yes! Check out our migration guide here, or reach out to us at for more details and a custom migration plan.


What schools are currently using Cialfo?

Mayo College, Global Indian International School, and Ngee Ann Polytechnic among others.

Have additional questions?

Email us at, or schedule a demo here.


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