New: Additional school countries + introducing Cost data

We’ve got two major updates to announce this week: we’ve expanded our database of courses to include three new countries, and we’ve built a whole new tab to answer financial questions.

International Course data now includes Canada, Germany, and The Netherlands

Search by major is now live for universities in the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, and Germany. To get there, head to School Research and add the “Courses & Majors” filter; results will show universities offering those courses in English.


Browse Cost data for US colleges



Some key numbers you can look at are: Net Price (the average cost after financial aid), Tuition & Fees (for both in-state and out-of-state), and Financial Aid (average aid granted, broken down into its granters — Federal, State, Institutional, and Pell).

How can you use this feature?

  • Share financial information with students and parents
  • Compare the cost of attending a particular school to other colleges on a shortlist
  • Find out what types of financial aid a student should apply for based on the average bid granted

The new Cost tab can be accessed by hovering over the Schools profile. Take a look and tell us what you think!

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