New features: student reports, saved views

We launched our new Student List last month, replacing the Status Tracker as your counseling dashboard. Today, we’ve released our first major update to the Student List, including:

  • Views – any time counselors edit filters or columns in the Student List, they now get the option to save the changes as a View to be accessed later
  • Reports – when you want a copy of the data you’re seeing in front of you, you can export an excel copy and receive this in your email
  • More filters – group students by traits like graduation year, desired college major, counselor, nationality, and more
  • More modules (columns) – by popular request we’ve added shortlisted colleges, finalized colleges, SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS scores as columns visible in the dashboard.

This update will make it easier for you to manipulate and browse your student data. To use it, simply log into the Cialfo web app and check out the upgraded dashboard.


Custom College Profiles

Counselors are now able to edit how Cialfo’s college profiles appear to their students. Shout out to our friend Trevor Sturgeon of Singapore American School for the suggestion!

Contextualized 25th-75th Percentile Graphs

Also by popular demand (and thanks to some great design inputs from Joachim Ekstrom of Seoul Foreign School), we now display the midrange of SAT and ACT scores contextualized against a student’s own scores.


If you have any other feature or integration requests be sure to let us know! Just shoot us a note to

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