New: Schools Search 4.0

When you’re researching schools, it’s important to be able to get information about colleges quickly. Students and counselors already know what college they’re looking for, but digging through irrelevant data takes time that could be better spent working on applications.

That’s why we’ve released Schools Search 4.0, a major overhaul to how our Schools page looks and works.

Configure and customize the Schools page

This update adds two new buttons to Schools — Search and Configure.

Search expands and refines our School Search tool, adding some new filters and a brand new user interface.

We’ve added three new filters:

  • Popular on Cialfo, which shows you schools many students are applying to on Cialfo;
  • Submission Portal, which allows you to filter by submission portals like Direct Medical, the Common App, the Coalition, the Universal Application, Apply Texas, University of California, SUNY, CUNY, and Cal State;
  • and Application Round, which filters by EA, ED, and ED2 application rounds.

The same filters as before will still be available — state, average SAT/ACT, deadlines, acceptance rates.

In Configure, we’re making customizing Cialfo more accessible and powerful.

Instead of scrolling past irrelevant schools and information, Configure lets you display only the data you need. This will reduce the need to dig for information, and make it easier for your students to explore colleges.

It works similarly to Modules in old Cialfo, but it looks even better now.

Other updates

  • We’ve updated 155 school essays to reflect the Common App’s 2018-2019 update.
  • College Fit Calculator has moved into Configure. Each time you choose a new major, click on “Update Estimates” for new results.
  • We’ve added a new list type to Shortlist and Applying: the Longlist.
  • Where available, Submission Portal logos now show up next to the school name.
  • We tuned up the engine and gave the interiors a thorough clean. Schools now works even faster.
  • It’s now easier to understand what all the tools and toggles in Cialfo does. We’ve added several helpful tooltips.

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