Release Update – May 4

College applications are daunting— numerous deadlines to keep track of, and multiple students, it is easy to get lost and miss an overdue task. With so many moving parts and so little time, the best way to hack through college applications is organization- the more organized one can be, the better! 

Given the challenges associated with college applications, we are introducing three new features on our platform to better combat the battle of applications.



The notes section is carefully designed keeping in mind the challenges counsellors and mentors face during the application process. One can simply scribble thoughts down or feed in relevant information about a student to better assist them with future interactions. Most counsellors use it to jot down their thoughts immediately, after meeting with students. Counsellors can also attach documents they feel might be pertinent to the application. It is useful for other counsellors as well who might be looped in later, in case they need to know more about the student than just what is written in their profile. Counsellors can create as many notes they want which will not be visible to the student.


 The updated contacts section is included to help the applicants add the various stakeholders who are a part of their application process (ie. parents, counsellors, etc…). This section can also include teacher contacts who will be writing a student’s letter of recommendations. By “checking” the notification box, those who wish to be notified of a student’s progress, can be regularly updated.




The grades section is designed for students to plug in their high school grades. The new feature allows you to mark your grades as predicted grades and also allows you to add specific high school names for each year. This is especially useful for those students that have changed their schools between grades 9 to 12.

Cialfo recognizes the different grading systems prevalent, globally, and gives the user the option to choose according to their need.. The best part about the Grades feature is that once filled in, we can take all of the data and plug it into our algorithm to predict the university a user can shortlist for application! 

We’ll also be launching our most requested feature, the Status Tracker, soon! Be the first to know when it’s launched by subscribing to our newsletter.

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