The Common Application + Cialfo

When we first started Cialfo way back in 2012, we wanted to make higher education open and more accessible to everyone. We saw the fragmentation of higher education services — how difficult it was for students and their helpers to get a top-down, simple view of the application process, and how many hoops an international student had to jump through just to discover simple information.

Today Cialfo is taking an even bigger step in accessibility and partnering with the Common Application. This partnership is about something that’s bigger than both of us — it’s about a joint vision of access, equity, and integrity in the college admissions process. 

What this means for you

As part of this partnership, the Common App will be integrated into the Cialfo platform. All Cialfo users will be able to submit applications directly to the 800+ Common App member schools through the integration. Students can request recommendation letters from teachers, while counselors upload transcripts, test scores, certificates, recommendations, and more.

Teachers, counselors, parents, and students all have access to a Cialfo portal. When it’s time to apply, counselors select a student’s Common App schools and send the application documents in one click. Files move seamlessly from Cialfo to admission offices, timestamped with its submission date.

The pilot begins this application season, and will launch fully at the beginning of the 2019-2020 application year.

We’re committed to building a deep and powerful connection between Cialfo and the Common App. Over the next few months, we’ll be hard at work integrating Common App technology into our platform. We’ll have more to share about how you can take advantage of the partnership on Cialfo later this year.

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